women in leadership initiative Members


darlene fiske

Owner of The Fiske Group: Public Relations + Marketing Strategies, United States

Darlene Fiske is a dynamic, results-orientated communications professional with 20+ years of experience in marketing, branding, media relations and publicity. She is a self-proclaimed spa junkie and the owner of an award winning national PR firm based in Austin, Texas servicing clients in the luxury hospitality, spa and arts sectors. Prior to starting her own business, Ms. Fiske worked as the Director of Sales & Marketing for Lake Austin Spa Resort where she was responsible for sales and marketing efforts targeting the top 1% of affluent consumers in the United States. Ms. Fiske has shared her knowledge via webinars for UC Irvine, American Spa, conferences including ISPA, SXSW V2V and at the University of Texas in Austin on how brands can achieve social media success. Ms. Fiske is a graduate of the University of Texas in Austin, where she earned a Bachelor of Journalism in public relations.


susan o'connor

Principal, PranaHealth Strategies, United States

Susan began PranaHealth Strategies because growing businesses is in her DNA. Her expertise is understanding the intersection of science and wellness, using evidence-based approaches and scalable business models to realize the potential of a business. Previously as an Executive at Pfizer, Susan grew $300-400 million businesses by 7-14% and led global initiatives to advance gender diversity metrics. She is passionate about advancing women in leadership and promoting wellness.

kathryn Sforcina

Founder & CEO, Atlantis Confidential Pty Ltd, Australia

Kathryn is a seasoned serial entrepreneur that has successfully taken 5 ventures on to achieving global success; one of her brands she has worked with, Larktale, achieved a presence in 31 countries within 7 months of its global launch. Kathryn's track record and passion for businesses and products in the wellness space has also resulted in an appointment as a Non-Executive Board Member for two companies in the wellness industry. Kathryn's mentorship will support their female CEOs in the growth of their clever innovations into global markets. Kathryn has also recently founded another of her own initiatives, Atlantis Confidential, a Luxury, invitation only, event based concept launching in May which is set to disrupt the way investors invest in businesses and founders raise capital. Kathryn is committed to seeing gender equality permeate the workplace of wellness professionals and looks to assist in the creation of a permanent shift in culture within organisations aligned with the Lean In initiative.

Shahida siddique

Owner, Altearah SAS, France

Shahida Siddique is the owner of the French company ALTEARAH SAS producing within its own ISO certified organic laboratory the wellbeing product ALTEARAH BIO. The Face and Body products are unique in their concept and delivery and are promoted within the professional spa and wellness institutes in over 24 countries. Shahida has been in the business of wellbeing for the last 12 years but has been a proponent of natural and organic ingredients and holistic wellness for over 20 years. She is the Co-Founder of Wellness Inc Global which is connecting all the different modalities of wellness professionals under one large umbrella. She has been the Regional Director - Middle East and Treasurer for the Global Mentorship Program an initiative of The Global Wellness Institute since 2015. Shahida has for many years initiated, worked on and has been passionate about gender issues and the empowerment of women through education, health awareness and business advice. She joins the committee as Regional Director Middle East for the Lean In Initiative - Women in Wellness.


jessica Timberlake

Public Relations Manager, Eminence Organic Skincare, Canada

Jessica Timberlake has over 15 years of experience in the spa industry. With a background in luxury spa operations, Jessica is now the Public Relations Manager at Eminence Organic Skin Care and coordinates the nonprofit Eminence Kids Foundation. Jessica also has a passion for photography, learning firsthand how art can contribute to healing and wellness after the tragic loss of her only brother. She believes in the wise words of the Dalai Lama, “The world will be saved by the Western Woman” and is thrilled to be a part of this important initiative.