Women in Leadership Initiative

Women in leadership initiative

The Women In Leadership initiative encourages and promotes 'Lean In Circles' throughout the wellness industry, helping to ensure that current and future female leaders have a framework of support and motivation. The initiative also engages companies encouraging them to partner with Lean In and work towards gender diversity and equality. In most industries, women face challenges and obstacles when rising through the ranks of their careers. Often they take on more than their male partners with respect to the home and family commitments. Because of this, they may take a step back from their careers when planning for a family - hence the term Lean InLean In (a non-profit organization) was started in March 2013 after Sheryl Sandberg’s TED talk (Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders) and has grown exponentially with over 30,000 Lean In Circles around the globe. The Lean In organization assists groups of eight to 15 women, who meet around once per month. It provides meeting plans, discussion points, and valuable content for motivation, innovation, leadership and goal setting. The Global Wellness Institute has joined the 900+ Lean In partners across 20+ industries in supporting women’s leadership.

2017 Briefing Paper
The briefing paper is a snapshot of this industry sector including valuable information on latest trends, challenges and initiative accomplishments. Read full paper HERE


Sara Jones


Joanne Berry


Kathryn Sforcina

initiative chair

Sara Jones, Managing Director, Spa & Wellness Mexico, Mexico
Launched in 2010, Spa & Wellness MexiCaribe magazine directly impacts the thriving spa communities in Mexico, the Caribbean and Latin America, catering to industry professionals, spa enthusiasts and wellness travelers. Spa & Wellness MexiCaribe delivers relevant, contemporary information on trends, events, treatments, spas and products, in addition to annual spa and product awards. Sara also provides consulting services to deliver spa and wellness solutions via AraSpa Consulting. A long time attendee of the Global Wellness Summit, Sara is passionate about all things related to spa and wellness and a Global Wellness Day Key Supporter in addition to chairing the Women in Leadership Initiative; advocating and speaking about gender diversity at industry events. 

co-Vice Chair
Americas & Europe

Joanne Berry, Founder, Spa Remedies, United States
Joanne Berry brings over 23 years of professional, international experience to the spa and wellness industry. Joanne concentrates on medical and integrative spa buildouts. She also is a presenter on QVC for a medical skin-care line based in San Diego. Originally from the UK, Joanne has been based in the U.S. for 16 years and focuses on operations, education and recruitment.


co-Vice Chair
APAC region

Kathryn Sforcina, Founder & CEO, In Her Pursuit Pty Ltd, Australia
Kathryn began her journey as a serial entrepreneur in the wellness space 20 years ago. Since then she has run and grown many companies locally and globally, both in and outside the wellness industry. Kathryn’s track record and passion for business and her desire to see women achieve their full potential in the global economy, society, business and the corporate sector has resulted in the launch of her latest venture; In Her Pursuit. In Her Pursuit is the new way for her to engage with resources, knowledge and people. It is a platform-driven social and commercial ecosystem that supports women throughout their full career trajectory (education, recruitment, development & advancement) and their business growth (idea to business, business to enterprise, enterprise to exit).

initiative members


Darlene Fiske


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Todd Walter



Sara Jones
Initiative Chair