Wellness Tourism Initiative

Wellness Tourism initiative

The key purpose of the wellness tourism initiative is to create a global platform of lead stakeholders and trail blazers in what has become one of the fastest growing tourism segments. The initiative will be instrumental in supporting the practical integration of wellness into tourism strategy and highlighting the vast opportunities for private sector business.  Our mission is to share and examine the challenges we face and be proactive in expanding and spearheading education and clear messaging in both the public and private sector.


Dr. Franz Linser

initiative Chair

Dr. Franz Linser, CEO, Linser Hospitality GmbH, Austria
Franz Linser is a Global Wellness Summit board member, as well as the founder and CEO of Linser Hospitality, an international consulting firm based in Innsbruck, Austria, and focused on the hotel, wellness and health industries. One of Franz’s core competencies is the tailor-made development of wellness and health concepts, services and products. Franz is a passionate and renowned strategist, mastermind and engineer in pioneering modern-day hotel concepts.