wellness architecture initiative Members


eric corey freed

 Director of Business + Partner Development, EcoDistricts, United States

Eric Corey Freed is Director of Business + Partner Development at EcoDistricts, a nonprofit that helps cities and developers create regenerative, resilient and socially equitable neighborhoods for everyone.  He was also Founding Principal of organicARCHITECT, a visionary design leader in biophilic and regenerative design.  As a licensed architect, Eric brings over 20 years of experience in helping architects, builders and homeowners use sustainability to improve the design and operational savings for thousands of buildings around the country.  Companies like Autodesk, Pixar, Apple and Lowe’s have hired Eric to help them incorporate deeper sustainability into their businesses. 

susie hoffmann

Principal, Envi Interior Design Studio, United States

Hoffmann founded Envi Interior Design Studio in 2006 and has developed the firm to provide quality interiors to distinguished clientele throughout the country. Hoffmann has long believed in the direct relationship between health, wellness and the interior environment.  She strives to find balance in design through space planning, selections of natural materials and careful sensory based decisions. Projects have included lodges, hotels, restaurants and private homes. In 2012, Interior Design Magazine awarded Envi “Best of the Year Honoree” for the design of a private spa and pool house in Whitefish, Montana. Hoffmann’s work has been published widely in magazines such as Mountain Living, Big Sky Journal and Interior Design.

luis longhi

Owner, Longhi Architect, Peru

Luis Longhi is a Principal Professor teaching at UPC in Lima, Peru for the first half of the year, a visiting Professor for the second half at the University of Hawaii and is also a representative for Latin America in the Architecture Doctorate for the University. He is also a visiting professor for ISAD in Chihuahua, Mexico and teaches a course for the Masters Degree in Advanced Architectural Design. His personal search as an architect and sculptor finds answers in the design and construction of small architectural projects, scenographies, exhibitions and installations in which ancestral Peruvian craftsmanship is used. 

brandon sinclair

Founder, Legacy Ranch, Canada

For the past few years Brandon has been traveling across North America testing advanced technologies in the areas of Wellness, Energy, and Bio-Architecture. Leveraging his expertise in business and quantum physics, he has been placing specialty wellness technologies in leading edge facilities across Canada. He was recognized among Noble Prize Laureates and Global Leaders for being the youngest contributor to the Institute for Venture Science at their launch symposium in 2015. “To propel our world into the next phase of wellbeing, it is important that we first showcase what is possible.” Brandon is currently developing a wellness facility in Canada that harmonizes nature and science to provide transformative experiences for guests.