To Be Released in October 2017


research abstract

From Industrial Romance to Data Buddhism
Despite the global economic contraction and startling geopolitical events that have marked recent years, wellness is thriving. Globally, the “wellness economy” now represents a massive $3.7 trillion industry. 

And this is just the beginning. The speed at which technology, society, the economy, and the environment are changing will never be as slow as it is today. 

Recognizing that the wellness market as we know it – and the very idea of what we mean by “wellness” – will undergo radical disruptions in coming years, the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute (GDI) and the Global Wellness Institute have joined forces to develop a research-based forecast for the industry. The goal: map the landscape of new consumer preferences and mindsets, and technologies and scientific knowledge, that will define “Wellness 2030”.

And the future will look radically different, with, for example, a new “Data Buddhism” poised to arise, where Artificial Intelligence and other emerging technologies will allow us to become our “real selves,” and be connected to everybody and everything around us.

This research will tackle questions like

  • How coming technology breakthroughs will transform wellness approaches and industries?
  • How will consumerism continue to shift, from doing to being and becoming; from an economy of external “stuff” to internal experiences; from distraction to quiet and rest?
  • To what extent will we live in a society of self-realization, aiming for transcendence?
  • With rising health costs and population growth, how will prevention evolve? Will the relationship between a now “complementary” wellness industry and institutional healthcare be rewritten? 
  • How will social and demographic forces – like an increasingly aging and lonely world – change the ecosystem and key players in the wellness industry?

For more information, contact GDI researchers, Leonie Thalmann (leonie.thalmann@gdi.ch) or Marta Kwiatkowski (marta.kwiatkowski@gdi.ch), or GWI researcher Beth McGroarty (beth.mcgroarty@globalwellnessinstitute.org)

About the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute: GDI is a Zurich-based independent think tank focused on economics, society and consumption – and the oldest think tank in Switzerland. GDI researchers develop future scenarios, and the early identification of megatrends and countertrends, for the economy, society and the retail sector, which are reported in major studies and books and discussed at conferences.