Social Impact Initiative

social impact initiative

Health and wellness professionals, companies and organizations are deeply involved in efforts throughout the world using the best practices of social impact, which has also been called corporate social responsibility. The Global Wellness Institute Social Impact Initiative is identifying, cataloging, communicating and inspiring evidence-based social impact approaches and programs that benefit society.

The Social Impact Initiative champions inclusion. We aim to inspire collaborations among business leaders, community members, and a wide range of organizations in order to create positive, significant and sustainable impact in the world.

Developing and sustaining sustainable social impact programs is multifaceted. We are identifying learnings across a broad spectrum of topics and concepts. We consider the following to be key aspects of social impact approaches and programs: 

  • Ethics
  • Strategy 
  • Sustainable Business Models 
  • Governance 
  • Marketing, including Social Media 
  • Community Involvement 
  • Process and Impact Evaluation

2017 Briefing Paper
The briefing paper is a snapshot of this industry sector including valuable information on latest trends, challenges and initiative accomplishments. Read full paper HERE


Wendy Bosalavage


Sallie Fraenkel


Gilad Lang

Initiative Co-chairs

Wendy Bosalavage, President, LIVunLtd, United States
Wendy Bosalavage has redefined the way Americans interact with their communities, unwind, and live the 21st century American dream. A pioneer in the health and wellness industry, Wendy is the president of LIV unLtd, a global luxury brand specializing in the management of the service experience in residential and commercial properties, spas, and hotels. Helping people take care of themselves, however, is not exclusive to Wendy’s work. She also serves on numerous corporate and non-profit boards, raises funds for charities, teaches courses and workshops, and always finds time to mentor others who are interested in wellness as a profession. A graduate of Manhattan’s Fashion Institute of Technology and Empire State College, Wendy also has a Health Coach Certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to supplement her work with women in underserved communities and those reentering society after incarceration.

Sallie Fraenkel, President, Mind Body Spirit Network, United States
Mind Body Spirit Network was created by Sallie Fraenkel, former chief operating officer of Spafinder Wellness, Inc.® and executive vice president of the Global Wellness Summit. Called the "ultimate spa insider" by Dr. Oz, Sallie has turned her lifelong passion for wellness travel into curating "wellness journeys with heart" to countries such as Mexico and Guatemala. She serves on the boards of WSPA and Liberation Prison Yoga.


Vice Chair

Gilad Lang, Vice President , The Madison Collection, United States, Haiti, Dominican Republic
Peace Corps service influenced Gilad early in his career, compelling him toward pioneering social impact programs using his skills as a global marketing professional, brand designer, and behavior-change specialist. The results of his decade-long collaboration with organizations such as  Population Services International, Project Concern International, and The Safety Lab were successfully implemented across Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and Southern Africa — helping with youth empowerment, reducing prevalence of infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS, and supporting prevention of violence against women and children. Now co-leading the family business, The Madison Collection — purveyor of eco-luxury terry products for the hospitality and spa industry, Gilad is influencing social impact through the company’s new partnership with Wine to Water, to support clean drinking-water efforts in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

initiative members



Denise Bober


Monique Iacobacci


Michael Tompkins



In 2017, the Social Impact Initiative is: 

  • Recruiting experts in Social Impact to serve as Initiative team members. 
  • Identifying best practices gathered from teams implementing and sustaining social impact programs.
  • Developing case studies about social impact programs. 
  • Meeting with our colleagues at the 2017 Global Wellness Summit and sharing the living document of best practices and the case studies we have developed.

Plans for 2018 include continuing to help build knowledge and action among health and wellness professionals and organizations by:

  • Hosting Global Wellness Institute Roundtables focused on Social Impact.
  • Developing white papers and other publications about what we learn at the Roundtables.
  • Updating a living document of best practices gathered from teams implementing and sustaining social impact programs.
  • Developing additional case studies about social impact programs. 
  • Meeting with our colleagues at the 2018 Global Wellness Summit and sharing the living document of best practices, case studies, and white papers from the Roundatbles.

Get Involved

We welcome large and small companies and organizations that are already engaged in social impact approaches and programs, as well as anyone new to social impact who wants to learn more. The deliverables that we develop (see lists above) will be shared on this webpage. If you are considering implementing a social impact program and want to learn new skill, get a boost of creativity, and learn more about tested approaches of bringing social impact into your world come, please join us.  If you would like to receive regular updates about the Social Impact Initiative, please send an email to our Initiative Chair Wendy Bosalavage at