Science of Wellness Initiative

Science of Wellness initiative

The Science of Wellness Initiative explores the many ways that science and evidence-based medicine are impacting the wellness industry - and how wellness (and the growing medical evidence for wellness approaches) is impacting people, the medical establishment, private companies and public policy.


Jeremy Abbate

initiative Chair

Jeremy A. Abbate is the Publishing Director of Scientific American Worldview and the Vice President, Global Media Alliances for the larger Scientific American brand. He is responsible for developing and executing new media programs, brand extensions and custom ventures serving the international opinion leadership that turns to Scientific American and its related titles for the best views of the future. As the founder of Scientific American’s Worldview enterprise, a global exploration of health and life science innovation, he leads the teams that create its content, distribution network and visibility platforms for its sponsors. He has made many appearances at conferences and events to facilitate high-level discussions on innovative science and technology.


initiative Members

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Our activities (objectives/goals) include:

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Some of the specific tasks of the group include:

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