The Global Wellness Institute is pleased to showcase non-profit organizations in the wellness space.  We fully support the missions of these organizations and applaud the passion and commitment they demonstrate, as they work to positively impact the world.  All of these entities bring awareness to important issues while inspiring concrete action to meet their goals and objectives.  They are led by passionate individuals—thought leaders in their fields—with a lifelong devotion to wellness in the world.  Please support them by visiting their websites and learning about all they do to make the world a better place. 



Founded by Belgin Aksoy, Global Wellness Day is celebrated annually on every second Saturday of June, with the fundamental purpose of making us aware of the value of our lives.  More than an event, Global Wellness Day is a movement, and on June 11, 2016, an estimated 3,000 properties in 83 countries, representing 250 million people, will stop to focus on their own wellness. Join the movement by visiting Global Wellness Day.



Founded by Deborah Szekely, the original wellness warrior, this powerful organization pursues its mission by helping communities and individuals promote healthy, sustainable living as part of a national wellness movement that increases awareness, empowers personal action, and fearlessly advocates for human and environmental health.  To learn more, visit Wellness Warrior.

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The Green Spa Network (GSN) launched as a not for profit association in 2006 with a mission to promote the vital connections between personal well being, economic sustainability and the health of our planet. Founded by a dedicated core of industry leaders, GSN currently represents more than 1,000 member spas and supply companies worldwide. GSN exists to cause positive change. To join for free and for more information visit Green Spa Network.