Minister of Wellness Initiative

minister of wellness initiative

As an innovation in leading wellbeing, the purpose of this initiative is to map out a new function for benefiting people worldwide: a Minister of Wellness. Our aim isn’t to craft the “one right answer” to fit all nations, but to develop a thoughtful and strategic framework that can be used to build a positive contagion for making wellbeing a priority in countries globally. View our activities and tasks below.


Renee Moorefield, PhD 

task force Co-chairs

Renee Moorefield, PhD, CEO, Wisdom Works, United States (co-chair)
A deep and early belief that the values of wellness and sustainability would remake the way we live, lead, and work in the 21st century led Renee Moorefield, PhD, to launch Wisdom Works Group with her husband in 1999. As CEO ever since, she’s helped forward-thinking clients—such as Booz Allen Hamilton, Merck & Company, and The Coca-Cola Company—build the kind of wellbeing leadership required to create inspired workplaces, develop caring relationships with citizens, and produce results that matter.


Guillaume Lefevre

Guillaume Lefevre, President and Co-Founder, THÉMAÉ, France (co-chair)
Guillaume Lefevre is the president and co-founder of THÉMAÉ Paris, launched in 2007. Before creating THÉMAÉ Paris, Guillaume had more than 12 years experience in sales and marketing in international companies in the FMCG sector, based in France and in UK.

Initiative MEMBERS


Gerry Bodeker, PhD


Our activities (objectives/goals) include:

The aim of this initiative is to develop a thoughtful, strategic framework for a global innovation in wellbeing leadership: the role of Minister of Wellness. The groundwork laid through this initiative can be used to accelerate a country’s ability to effectively establish the role, plus it adds to the momentum for making wellbeing a priority worldwide. To date, the Minister of Wellness framework suggests six broad strategies, each implemented as appropriate within a country:

  • Adopt and apply a wellbeing index nation-wide
  • Integrate wellbeing into nation’s measures of prosperity
  • Turn wellbeing into new local, regional, and/or country-level policies, and incorporate the drive and approaches for enhancing wellbeing into the actions of other Ministries
  • Make wellness visible and inviting to all stakeholders such as citizens, businesses, and NGOs
  • Exchange best practices and innovations for wellbeing within and between nations
  • Provide support to grow a global momentum for advancing wellbeing

Some of the specific tasks of the group include:

  • Compose and publish a peer reviewed article and/or report about the initiative 
  • Design a forum for sharing the Minister of Wellness Initiative at the 2015 Global Wellness Summit
  • Provide an experiential session that allows and encourages summit delegates to get involved in the Minister of Wellness conversation
  • Identify and adopt a wellbeing index to track daily wellbeing and analyze wellbeing patterns to influence the development of policies and support initiative success and sustainability 
  • Promote a flexible framework that allows leaders of countries/regions to establish the distinct role of Minister of Wellness or integrate into existing ministries 
  • Explore avenues to ensure the framework is mindful of wellbeing across the lifecycle 
  • Raise awareness about wellbeing within the public and private sector