Beata Aleksandrowicz

Founder, Pure Massage Spa Training Method®. United Kingdom

Beata Aleksandrowicz is the creator of the Pure Massage Spa Training Method® which provides spas worldwide with advanced training in a modern concept of massage. Beata has authored books on massage, translated into several languages and published worldwide. She is a former columnist for The Sunday Telegraph, Stella Magazine and lead author of the Massage Guide created by The Guardian Magazine. Beata’s dedication to change the perception of massage, believing that massage has to be personalised and go beyond pampering and beauty. Human experience in the spa industry is at the core of her interest and expertise.

nancy board

Co-Founder, Global Women 4 Wellbeing, United States

Nancy Board is widely experienced in corporate health and wellbeing globally and leading women's development on four continents. Previously responsible for health and wellness initiatives in 15 countries for JP Morgan, Nancy is the co-founder of Global Women for Wellbeing. Its mission is to deliver educational resources, provide innovative research and create a global women’s network that inspires and supports women at all socioeconomic levels.

margareth brepohl

Quality Development Director, Lapinha SPA, Brazil

Margareth Brepohl has been Lapinha Spa's co-owner since 1978. Margareth has implemented quality control in the last 20 years, contributing towards Lapinha's benchmark position in Brazil and in Latin America. A clinical psychologist and family therapist, she also teaches university-level courses and leads wellbeing workshops for couples and families facing challenges and difficulties in different life stages. Her current focus is coordinating Lapinha's infrastructure and globalization projects.

DR. Lawrence choy

Co-Founder and Medical Director, Elite Focus Clinic, United States

Lawrence Choy M.D. is a Stanford-trained psychiatrist and diplomat of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, who has more than 10 years of clinical experience treating diverse patient populations. He is the co-founder and medical director of Elite Focus Clinic, a specialty clinic treating Adult ADHD and cognitive performance in Silicon Valley. Dr. Choy particularly specializes in clinical neuroscience and neuroenhancement in helping his patients improve their overall well-being.

dr. daniel friedland

CEO, SuperSmartHealth, United States

Dr. Daniel Friedland is an expert on leadership, resiliency and cultivating wellness and wellbeing. He the past chair of the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine and currently serves as the CEO of SuperSmartHealth, which provides seminars, coaching and wellness and executive leadership programs based on brain science and mindfulness that empower individuals and organizations to thrive. His most recently published book is titled Leading Well from Within.

bryan hoare

Europe & Middle East

Bryan Hoare is an award-winning specialist in wellness. A double-masters graduate, he has held leadership roles in the hospitality, fitness and health-care industries across the globe for over 20 years. A desire to improve the lives of others leads his work today; culminating recently as a key advisor and multidisciplinary team member in the development of a groundbreaking new sanctuary for wellness and the treatment of substance use and addictive disorders.

dr. fikry isaac

Founder & CEO, WellWorld Consulting LLC, United States

Dr. Fikry Isaac is founder and CEO of WellWorld Consulting, offering strategic advisory, market research and board-level support to public- and private-sector clients focused on global health and wellness strategies, policies and solutions. Former job titles include vice president of Global Health Services and chief medical officer, Johnson & Johnson, with responsibility for the development of health and wellness strategies, policies, guidelines and services worldwide.

vivienne o'keeffe

President, Spa Profits Consulting Inc., Canada

European-trained and a spa-quality certified consultant since 2005, Vivienne O'Keeffe has been active in the spa industry since 1986. Vivienne is passionate about helping mitigate effects of risk to spas, spa owners and spa-goers and developing quality systems for sustainability and growth. She helped develop ISPA’s risk management course, spoke at ISPA on risk management and contributed to ISPA’s retail management for spas. 


Program Manager, Cluster Wellness Tyrol, Austria

Since 2007, Robert Ranzi has been managing projects of Cluster Wellness Tyrol, a network with 130 enterprises, institutions and universities covering the health, wellness and tourism industry. The cluster organizes events, conventions and impulse workshops in order to introduce innovations. Robert is a clinical psychologist with experience and results in adult education, trainings and project development.

vanessa stoessel

Director of Wellness & Spa Projects, MSpa International, Thailand

With nine years of experience in the luxury spa and wellness industry, and a personal passion for yoga, nutrition and mindfulness, Vanessa Stoessel oversees the opening of new and re-branded spas for Minor Hotel Group across Asia. A key member in developing the Balance Wellness by Anantara brand, Vanessa is currently focused on successfully integrating wellness initiatives into 23 Anantara Resorts in the Asian region. 


lahra tatriele

Co-Founder & CEO, Five Elements, Singapore

As Chief Innovation Officer, Lahra is the wellness strategist and vision director for
Fivelements, one of Asia’s foremost integrative wellness lifestyle companies with
destinations in Bali and Hong Kong. Bridging her expertise in strategic branding and
hospitality for multi-national companies, including Pfizer Inc., J. Walter Thompson,
Motorola, Publicis Hal Rhiney and The Ritz Carlton, Lahra leads concept design,
development and marketing for Fivelements, executing progressive wellness strategies
for new market segments. Lahra’s commitment is creating high impact, authentic
wellness destinations that offer inspiration, awareness and progress in the 21st century.