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immersion initiative


The authentic immersive experience often holds the key to achieving sustained lifestyle change and the opportunity to deepen one’s passions and abilities.  From destination spas and integrated health resorts to wellness retreats, the visionaries, operators, and patrons of these establishments have a keen understanding of the unique and transformational effects of these complex environments.  

The purpose of the Immersion Initiative by the Global Wellness Institute is to highlight the success of these establishments, explore their essence, and present findings from current and on-going research to the global community that substantiate the power of these evolved ecosystems.   

2017 Briefing Paper
The briefing paper is a snapshot of this industry sector including valuable information on latest trends, challenges and initiative accomplishments. Read full paper HERE


Joshua Luckow


initiative Chair

Joshua Luckow, MBA, former Executive Director, Canyon Ranch & Co-founder and Immediate Past President, NEXUS Executives, Austria
Joshua Luckow is an international and entrepreneurial executive with proven performance and visionary leadership. Possessing nearly two decades of experience in public and private global firms ranging in size from $180 million to $52 billion, Luckow has contributed to the advancement of several growth industries and has worked in all key areas of business. Having been a long-tenured executive for the award-winning brand, Canyon Ranch, Luckow specializes in designing and operating integrative, holistic, personalized, and experiential health and wellness environments. This is enhanced by his passion for collaborating and uniting business leaders and entrepreneurs through NEXUS Executives and other forums, serving on notable boards and international public speaking.  

initiative members


Tracey Vincel


Sallie Fraenkel