By Thierry Malleret, economist

In the future, companies will have to demonstrate that not only do they care about wellbeing, but that they also walk the talk when it comes to their customers, users and clients. The best way to prove it may be to set up a wellbeing team, which is what Instagram just did. It’s telling that the company ranked last in 2017, as the worst social media network for the mental health and wellbeing of their users, according to the Royal Society for Public Health (a UK charity). Instagram’s impact on young people’s mental health landed it below Facebook, Twitter and SnapChat for association with anxiety, depression and negative body image, etc.

The company has decided to tackle the problem head-on. An entire wellbeing team is now tasked with making Instagram users feel better when they’re using the platform and to generally foster a culture of wellbeing at the site. We wouldn’t be surprised if the creation of wellbeing teams focused on the customer or user progressively becomes the norm across all kinds of businesses. This creates a new window of opportunity for wellness professionals.

AuthorThierry Malleret, Economist and Founder, Monthly Barometer