First Offices, Then Apartments, Now Gyms? WeWork Launches New Wellness ConceptForbes, October 17, 2017

WeWork, the co-working giant, is turning up the heat on competitors with a new wellness and fitness concept, the just-launched Rise by We, which provides a mix of wellness classes and spa offerings including yoga and meditation, functional training, kickboxing and other fat-burning classes.


Einstein’s Theory of Happiness Sells for $1.3M at AuctionThe Telegraph, October 25, 2017

Albert Einstein predicted that a note he wrote 95 years ago for a courier would be more valuable than a tip – and he was right. The handwritten note briefly describing his theory on happy living just sold for $1.3 million. And it couldn’t be a simpler theory of happiness…


What Boredom Does to You - Nautilus, October 26, 2017

Boredom seems like a negative, pointless emotion, but it must have a purpose or an “evolutionary benefit.” The author of “Bored and Brilliant” exposes it through the science of the wandering mind.


Happiness Is Other People - The New York Times, October 27, 2017

In an individualistic culture powered by self-actualization, the idea that happiness should be engineered from the inside out, rather than the outside in, is slowly taking on the status of a default truism.


Why We Can No Longer Separate Work from Life (and Shouldn't) - Quartz, November 2, 2017

The days of convincing ourselves that we can separate our work and personal lives are over, and I think we should embrace this change. 


A Striking Stat:

In 1942, less than 8% of the population was trying to survive on six hours or less of sleep a night; in 2017, almost one in two people is.

Source: Neuroscientist Matthew Walker in the Guardian’s “Sleep Should Be Prescribed”, 9.24.17

AuthorBeth McGroarty, Director of Research, GWI