The GWI’s Global Career Development Initiative, launched in 2012, revolves around three programs that address the spa and wellness industry’s "Achilles’ heel": the need for more well trained staff!

At the Global Wellness Summit next month in Austria, this Initiative group will unveil three important new projects designed to attract more people into spa/wellness careers and help them become better leaders.

Here are sneak previews of the projects that will be launched in a fast-paced breakout session on the first day of the Summit (Oct. 17):

  • Global Mentorship Program: Steered by Jean-Guy de Gabriac (CEO, TIP TOUCH), this program will launch a breakthrough (and free) ONLINE MENTORSHIP PLATFORM, where seasoned spa, wellness and hospitality executives (or “mentors”) will share their time and expertise to guide up-and-coming professionals with potential.
  • Global Internship Committee: Led by Wendy Bosalavage (president, American Leisure), this project aims at becoming the go-to resource for standard processes and best practices for the Spa Management Experiential Learning Programs (ELPs, Internships, Externships, Manager-in-Training (MIT) and Job Shadowing). 

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AuthorBeth McGroarty, Director of Research, GWI