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Global Wellness Day is all about creating awareness and motivation to ensure that people make changes that will impact their wellbeing. By joining the Global Wellness Day (GWD) movement you take a big step toward developing an understanding of “wellness” in your country, while also offering to support projects that encourage healthy living. Please visit Global Wellness Day to learn more.


Peter Anderson

President & Founder, Anderson & Associates, United States

Peter Anderson draws on more than 20 years of experience to provide a balanced perspective on the spa industry for growing medical, wellness and resort spas. A strong advocate of global research, analysis and benchmarking efforts, Peter also teaches at the University of California at Irvine, and at Cal Poly in Pomona to promote education in the industry.

Caroline Bauchet-Bouhlal

Group Development Director, Es Saadi Gardens & Resort, Morocco

Caroline Bauchet-Bouhlal is group development director at Es Saadi Gardens and Resort, a family-owned and managed company established in Morocco in 1952. In 2002, she opened the Oriental Spa from scratch at the Hotel Es Saadi and then led the development of a 3000 square-meter Spa and Dior Institute at the Palace Es Saadi. She is in charge of business development, marketing and communications.

Marianne Brepohl

Marketing & Sales Director, Lapinha SPA, Brazil

Marianne Brepohl is the fourth generation of the first destination spa in Brazil. In the industry since 2010, she has dedicated her time to developing health and wellness in the family business and industry, by joining the Board of the Brazilian Spas Association and the advisory board of Healing Hotels of the World, as well as by writing for magazines and her own blog

Stacy Conlon

Founder & CEO, The Zen Media Group, United States

Stacy Conlon, also known as The Zen Girl, is a certified wellness coach and mindfulness training facilitator. For the past 15 years, she has worked in spa and wellness sales and marketing, most recently as the founder and CEO of The Zen Media Group, LLC and regularly practices yoga and meditation. Today, Stacy provides mindfulness sessions, guided meditations and wellness coaching for companies including Cisco Systems and Moving Art.

Arek Dawidowski

Managing Director, ForSpa Group, Poland

Managing director of ForSpa and president of the European Spa Foundation in Poland, Arkadiusz Dawidowski is the author of many unique spa concepts for Polish hotels, including Gleboczek Vine Resort and Spa (the first vinotherapy resort in Poland), Villa Park Med and Spa and Czarny Potok Resort and Spa. He cooperates frequently with professional spa and beauty magazines in Poland.

Jean-Guy de Gabriac

Founder & CEO, TIP TOUCH International, Belgium

Along with being co-Chair of Global Mentorship Pilot Program, Jean-Guy de Gabriac is CEO, TIP TOUCH International, Spa training & consultancy since 2004. Main activities include: concept & feasibility studies ; Spa marketing strategies ; Signature Wellness experiences ; "DO YOU SPEAK SPA" & "WELL-COME ATTITUDE" workshops.Jean-Guy is conference producer PSWC (London & Dubaï); Judge of World Spa & Wellness Awards; and International Coordinator of Global Wellness Day.

Adrian Egger

CEO, Thermarium, Austria

Adrian Egger decided to head abroad after completing his in-depth technical education. Adrian acquired the cultural appreciation that would allow him to take into account important regional and national idiosyncrasies. With a discerning eye for the needs of his clients and a passion for unique and profitable concepts, he became a sought-after name in the industry. For 17 years, he has held leading positions in the wellness and spa industry.

Dr. Daniel Friedland

Founder, SuperSmartHealth, United States

Dr. Daniel Friedland is an expert on evidence-based medicine, brain science and mindset.. He currently serves as president-elect of the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine, as chairman of the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine, and as president and CEO of SuperSmartHealth, which provides seminars, coaching, and wellness and executive leadership programs based on brain science and mindfulness.

Sammy Gharieni

Founder & CEO, Gharieni Group GmbH, Germany

Since Sammy Gharieni founded Gharieni Group more than 20 years ago the company has emerged as a leading European manufacturer of high-end chairs, spa and medical beds, furniture and equipment. Its spa division offers a high-quality, innovative range of spa equipment solutions and furniture. The company provides equipment to spas and hotels in more than 55 countries across the globe.

Karen Golden

General Manager of Hepburn, Bathhouse & Spa, Belgravia Leisure, Australia

Karen Golden has 25 years of experience in the wellness and spa industry and leads the future development of Australia’s iconic Hepburn Bathhouse and Spa. With a well-developed gift for maximizing the potential of business, integrating wellness and spa and developing revenue streams, her success is supported by her experience in multinational companies offering destination spa, wellness and body sustainability.

CK Low

Managing Director, Skin Essentials (M) Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

CK Low began his career in the beauty business in 1994 by opening a tiny facial salon with his wife and business partner Kim. In 2000 they founded their own beauty brand, HerbaLine, and in 2007 the company went through a total re-imaging exercise. CK and Kim started to purchase many old properties and incorporated the concept of spa to rebuild these properties into facial spas. Today, HerbaLine is a well-respected facial spa brand in Malaysia, with 21 owned branches and 32 franchisees.

Sheetal Rastogi

Editorial Director, World Spa & Travel Magazine, Singapore

Sheetal Rastogi oversees World Spa & Travel magazine’s editorial policy and the planning of significant editorial issues. Her love for travel, wellness and a holistic lifestyle is the inspiration behind the magazine. Based in Singapore, Sheetal has worked within the investment and technology sectors in South Asia for over 12 years in a range of management and strategy roles.