hot springs initiative Members

The Hot Springs Initiative is an international wellness ThinkTank dedicated to exploring the diverse values of geothermal waters for health, recreation, tourism and community. We seek to connect the global communities involved with geothermal water and to provide network events and conferences to help grow consumer and political awareness of this unique segment of recreation, health and tourism markets (industry). Our intention is to connect the global community of hot springs and geothermal resources by raising awareness of this unique and distinct segment of global recreation, health and tourism industry (community). Our task force members include:


Co-Founder of Satteva Spa and Wellness Concepts, Mexico

Bonnie has over 20 years of experience in the Spa industry, having worked with award-winning Spa companies around the world such as the Four Seasons, Mandarin Oriental, and locations such as Tabacón Thermal Springs Spa in Costa Rica, where her passion for working with thermal healing waters was initiated. Bonnie is the Co-Founder of Satteva Spa and Wellness Concepts, a Mexican based wellness company, and is a Board Member of the Green Spa Network.

Anne Bramham

President & Founder, American Spa Therapy Education Certification Council (ASTECC), United States

Consultant, designer and trainer of spa therapies, Anne Bramham is the founder of ASTECC. Widely regarded as the benchmark for spa therapy education, her 'constitutionally’ based ASTECC curriculum integrates classical spa therapies and bio chemical elements with its highly individualized approach. Her clients include the award winning Spa Montage properties.

Charles Davidson

CEO, Founder & Owner, Peninsula Hot Springs, Australia

Charles Davidson drives the creative and strategic development of Peninsula Hot Springs (PHS), a natural thermal mineral spring and day spa one hour south of Melbourne, Australia, hosting 450,000 annual visitors and employing over 250 staff. A passion for global thermal mineral springs and wellbeing practices has resulted in PHS being the most demanded spa in Australia. Davidson is in the fourth year of research into global best practices in the hot springs industry and is consulting to international hot springs developments.



Owner & Director, Spa Cultures, United States

Dr. J. Paul de Vierville is Professor of History and Humanities at Alamo Colleges, St. Philip’s College, and is a Jungian Psychotherapist/Analytical Consultant. He has been associated with the Balneotherapy Association of North America and the International Association for Study of Dreams. He owns the Alamo Plaza Spa at the historic Menger Hotel in San Antonio,Texas and runs a Spa-Waters: Dreams and Cultures seminar. 

wendi gelfound

Director for Marketing, Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort & Spa, United States

Wendi Gelfound's creative eye and expertise in branding, marketing and communication strategies spans three decades. As Director of Marketing for Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort & Spa for nearly 10 years, the historic hot springs destination has enjoyed double-digit growth annually, with an average lodging occupancy of 90 percent annually. Currently, Wendi is launching their newest endeavor, Sunrise Springs Integrative Wellness Resort in Santa Fe.



Chief Researcher & Manager at the Research Institute, Mitsui Knowledge Industry Co., Ltd., Japan

Tomonori Maruyama is dedicated to global research on current issues such as spa services, quality standards of therapists, labor markets, industry structures, regulations and overseas recruitment systems. As chief researcher of Mistui Knowledge Industry, he and his team undertake studies for the spa industry commissioned by the government. Currently, he is engaged in co-innovation projects with major companies.

Stavros G. Mavridis

Spa Director, Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort, Chalkidiki, Greece

Stavros has been involved in the Greek spa industry for the last 11 years. He has worked for large hotel chains in Greece and involved in the opening of 5 spas. He has a background and education in Physiotherapy & Sports Science and has hands on experience. He has been involved in the benchmarking report for the Greek spa industry and is a founding member of the Association of Greek Spa Managers of Greece. He is passionate about his work and strongly believes in Wellness and the future impact it will have in the lives and evolution of humanity. He is currently working on the development and opening of Miraggio Thermal Spa in Chalkidiki, Greece one of the biggest resorts spas in the  Mediterranean. As spa director he is responsible for the development of the concept, SOP’s, design, marketing and sales strategy, purchasing of equipment, menu development and staff training. 


Co-founder & Principal, Under a Tree Spa & Wellness Consulting, United States

Ed Moffett is a 5th-generation bodyworker and 2nd-generation yoga instructor with 35 years of experience in spa and private environments. Ed is a long-term hot springs enthusiast with particular interest in primitive geothermal springs and their Paleolithic history, whose waters he credits as a primary source of inspiration for those topics. As naturalist and outdoor guide, he creates nature-immersion and specialty body-work programs for the spa industry as part of his work with Under a Tree.


Managing Director, Xellum Management Consulting, Hungary

Managing director of Xellum Management Consulting and president of the Association of Tourism Consultants, Puczkó is an expert on health and wellness tourism, and has authored numerous books on the subject, including the co-authored Health, Tourism and Hospitality, which will be released at the Global Wellness Tourism Congress. László graduated in 1993 as an economist specialized in tourism and logistics at Budapest University of Economics. Since 2006 he has been the president of the Association of Tourism Consultants, and founded The Tourism Observatory for Health, Wellness and Spa (2012).

rianna riego

Executive Director of Wellness, Brand & Communication, Two Bunch Palms, United States

Experienced in brand, marketing, public relations and spa development, Rianna helped to create the “sustainable wellness” category while re-branding and converting the Two Bunch Palms Spa Resort, a 75-year old, hot-mineral springs, into the first carbon-neutral resort in North America.  Rianna was voted “Favorite Spa Consultant” in American Spa Magazine from 2011-2013 and has opened and operated several spas for Marriott International and KSL Resorts, with an emphasis on creating systems for financial success & developing spa leadership.   


CEO and Co-Owner, Toskanaworld GMBH, Germany

Marion Schneider is CEO and co-owner of Toskanaworld, Klinikzentrum Bad Sulza, Hotel an der Therme Bad Sulza and Bad Orb, Hotel Resort Schloss Auerstedt and Toskana Therme Bad Sulza, Bad Orb and Bad Schandau, all in Germany. She is president of the non-profit Ourchild and on the advisory board of several organizations. She is the author of several books and holds an MA in History as well as in German language and literature.


Hot Springs Research and Development, James D White Ltd, New Zealand

James White is an experienced research and development consultant to the hot springs bathing and spa industries. He is currently engaged to document global best practices in the hot springs industry, which will identify sustainable growth opportunities for public and private businesses in New Zealand and Australia. He holds an MBA degree, and his thesis topic was commercial bathing and spa development concepts.