Clinical Wellness Best Practices Initiative

Clinical Wellness Best Practices initiative

While the wellness industry has been with us for more than half a century, gaining credibility within the medical community has been hard won. For most of the late 20th century, wellness strategies were largely dismissed by medical researchers, pharmaceutical companies, clinicians, and health insurance plans as quackery, lacking in clinical trials and regulatory oversight, and often cited as threats to patient safety. Keep Reading


Josef Woodman

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Josef Woodman, CEO, Patients Beyond Borders, UNITED STATES
Founder and CEO of Patients Beyond Borders (and author of the popular book series by the same name), Woodman is a renowned expert on international healthcare options, integrated medicine and medical and wellness tourisms. Josef also co-founded MyDailyHealth, the world's first interactive application for managing workplace wellness online. He has lectured at numerous academic institutions, including Harvard Medical School and the UCLA School of Public Health and has keynoted conferences on medical and wellness tourism and global healthcare in 20 countries. Woodman’s background in health and technology has allowed him to compile a wealth of unique knowledge in the areas of international healthcare, telehealth, integrated medicine and consumer-directed care.

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This prevailing attitude remains all-too-true even today, despite rising and unsustainable worldwide healthcare costs, unhealthy populations (largely a result of preventable disease), and well-documented over-treatment, over-prescribing and over-testing within the medical/pharma community.

One critical area where wellness has been recently adopted is within the clinical community--from large multidisciplinary hospitals to complex-care specialty facilities. The past two decades have seen the rise of wellness programs, well-being centers, integrative medicine departments and facilities. A host of wellness strategies have now been formally adopted by some of the world’s most-respected medical institutions, increasingly incorporated into core medical diagnosis and treatment.

Yet, the work of these medical pioneers is not generally well known—or documented. Toward a better understanding of this important new trend, the GWI Clinical Wellness Best Practices Initiative seeks to:

  • research and publicize wellness departments in medical settings
  • identify clinical wellness “best-practice” programs
  • evaluate and rate the world’s leading clinical wellness centers.