career development 




Inform & Entice

  • Created with LeisureMedia
  • Created an animated video infographic extolling the virtues of a spa/wellness career:  
  • Launch our website through active public relations and social media campaigns
  • Create marketing informational card for spas to carry and provide to those interested in a wellness career
  • Intersect with existing spa industry websites to increase the visibility of wellness careers
  • Create a high school career counseling brochure highlighting potential wellness career paths
  • Develop a detailed career path map with supplemental information on realistic career paths, experience needed, and leadership qualities required for each position


  • Create a factual and innovative YouTube video to present at spa related conferences detailing stories from satisfied spa and wellness staff and include it in our social media/PR campaign
  • Develop an Open House structure for spas and wellness centers to host students/professionals interested in wellness careers
  • Continue to make career oriented books, articles, websites, testing services, and other resources available on appropriate websites including our own

Contact:   CG Funk at



Inspire & Aspire

  • The 2015 Pilot Program, exclusively sponsored by Biologique Recherche, was a great success with 100% of Mentors and Mentees believing that the Global Mentorship Program benefits the spa industry.
  • Sponsored by ALTEARAH, Biologique Recherche, GHARIENI, SPA GENIE & TIP TOUCH  the GMP doubled its resources in 2016 with about 40 Mentors and 80 Mentees over two six-month mentorship sessions in 30 countries, via the phone, video-platforms, or face-to-face.
  • In October 2016, during GWS Tyrol: a free Online Global Mentorship Platform is launched to help Hotel GMs, Spa Directors, Spa Managers, Spa Receptionists, Lead Aestheticians & Lead Therapists become better leaders:
  • Spa Genie is developing the Global Mentorship community on Facebook  with weekly topics & Live Streams with Mentors from around the world.
  • The experiences and learnings of the 2015 participants were combined into a resource called Mentorship Reflections. This 90+ page document provides skills, tools, and wisdom Mentees and Mentors learned from each other during the Global Mentorship Program. Download your complimentary copy here.
  • A Mentors Handbook & a Mentees Handbook have been created, which clearly defines the Code of Conduct that enables an ethical and efficient mentorship and resources to help the Mentees and Mentors grow personally and professionally.
  • A dedicated website was launched in May 2015. gathers useful information from trusted sources, for Spa, Hospitality & Beauty professionals who wish to explore a deeper sense of professional development and personal growth through our Mentor-Mentee relationship or program.

To SUPPORT and/or JOIN the Global Mentorship Program, contact:   
Jean-Guy de Gabriac at



Encouraging Excellence through Example

This initiative was inspired by the ever-increasing worldwide need for our spa management talent to have both the educational skills and the practical experience in order to be effective leaders. 

The Global Internship Program was created to answer to the needs of four primary groups:

  1. Spa Management Education Programs/Institutions needing this important ‘hands-on’ component to help enrich their core offerings;
  2. Spa Management Students who are seeking a learning experience that is not only comprehensive, but also one that is competitive in providing them with an employment advantage; 
  3. Potential Spa Management Employers and Establishments who are looking for qualified professionals who can handle the ever-increasing complexities of a Spa Management position; and
  4. Spa and Wellness Industry Professionals looking for an opportunity to further their careers in the Spa Wellness Management market.

To find out more about the introduction of this Internship Program, please refer to the GWI article Experiential Spa Management Learning Programs to Encourage Industry Excellence”, which offers an overview and reflection on how experiential learning programs positively benefit and impact the spa and wellness industry.

2016 - Three New Resources

In late 2015, the Global Internship Program (GIP) developed and deployed two surveys to gather and assess the current state of experiential learning programs within Spa and Wellness Educational Institutions and Spa and Wellness Establishments, worldwide. From these surveys, two Survey Reports were released in February 2016, providing detailed conclusions drawn from the data these surveys revealed.

Download your complimentary copy of the Educational Institutes Survey Report HERE and the Establishments Survey Report HERE.

Although these two surveys have officially closed, your feedback is still welcome and will be used in future data collection and reporting processes. For a limited time, you may still participate by clicking on the links below:

  • Educational Institutions are encouraged to provide their responses here
  • Spa Directors, Managers and Establishments are encouraged to provide their responses here

Additionally, with the data collected from these two survey reports, combined with the experience of our committee members, a comprehensive guidebook titled ‘Global Best Practices for Spa and Wellness Internships’ was created. This industry guidebook contains best practices, sample job descriptions, program features, learning activities, program successes, FAQs and much more, providing the key developmental strategies needed to help global business professionals implement effective Internship Programs. Download your complimentary copy of the GIP industry guidebook HERE


  • A supplemental guidebook is under development that will cater specifically to Spa Management Students and Industry Professionals. This guidebook will be a self-guided manual for those who are looking to further their careers through experiential learning opportunities. 
  • The future development of an online Internship Portal will serve to unite potential spa management educational interns with industry experts and experiential learning opportunities.  

Contact: Leslie Lyon, President Spas2b Inc. at