To Be Released in January 2018

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research abstract

Beauty animates much of our lives: we make aesthetic decisions constantly, based on how we want to appear, who we wish to spend time with, etc. But while we know something about the biology and psychological effects of facial beauty, we know virtually nothing about beauty’s relationship to wellness. This two-part research project will be the first to address how beauty can meaningfully contribute to wellness.

The first study, using natural language processing, will hone in on concepts that bridge the semantic space between beauty and wellness, while also investigating related words such as “beautiful” and “well-being.” Additional analyses will identify how these bridging concepts vary by gender and by age cohorts (Millennials, Gen X, etc.). The wellness industry could then operationalize these concepts and create innovative ways of linking beauty to wellness by capitalizing on how people actually think.

The second study addresses a critical issue: while good-looking people receive so many advantages in life (from better pay to being considered more intelligent), people with facial disfigurement experience just the opposite. This study will analyze the range and depth of biases against people with disfigurement to help overcome them. Because the “making up” of disfigurement has the potential to reduce innate negative responses that impede peoples’ potential to flourish.

Together, these studies will provide new evidence-based insights that can mitigate barriers between beauty and wellness and build new bridges that can enhance the connection between them.


Industry Research Sponsor Benefits

Sponsorship of the GWI research study on "Beauty2Wellness" that will be presented at the Summit, includes one registration at 50% discount, plus:

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New York Press Event
The Global Wellness Institute New York Press Event takes place in January, following the annual Global Wellness Summit. (Learn more about the 2017 NY Press Event here). This event features a formal presentation by our Research Directors, who share national media highlights from the latest research report; the full report is released globally during this event.

Journalists then enjoy a healthy lunch while experiencing the “Wellness Playground.” This aspect of the NY Press Event has become a highlight, as sponsors showcase their latest products and services. The editors and VIP guests visit the Playground and learn more about these global companies and their latest wellness innovations. This year, we had more than 70 national press attend the event, including The Today Show, NY Times, CBS, W Magazine, Conde Nast Traveler, Harper’s Bazaar, O Magazine and more. It is a unique opportunity to network one on one with top journalists, resulting in national editorial coverage for your company.