The Global Wellness Institute Initiatives are led by an initiative chair, who is a renowned thought-leader in his or her particular area of focus. Each initiative seeks to shape a project with a goal to impact wellness throughout the world. This may take the form of a best practices manual, a campaign to raise awareness about an issue or an event, a project to impact wellness in a particular market segment or region of the world, or a way to innovate within the chair’s field of expertise.



global best practices

for Spa and Wellness Internships

Resource by the Global Career Development Initiative

This manual was created and is intended to become ‘the’ essential resource for those establishments starting new Experiential  Learning Programs (ELPs), as well as those needing greater standardization within their existing ones. ELPs, as defined  by  the  Global  Internship  Program,  encompass internships, externships, manager-in-training programs,  and job shadowing.  These  opportunities  provide students  and professionals  with  the  chance  to  learn  about  their  future  career  options  by  utilizing  hands-on  experience.




hot springs & geothermal mineral waters

A User's Guide for the Global Wellness Traveler

Resource by the Global Hot Spring Initiative

This user's guide, published by the Global Wellness Institute and written by Ed Moffett and Amy McDonald, was created to help wellness travelers grasp the value of, and more specifically learn facts about, participating in hot springs bathing. It includes critical information ranging from what sets natural hot springs apart to how important sustainable practices are around these valuable resources, to the clearing up of some widespread global confusion about the difference between natural geothermal mineral water and facilities that offer heated (and/or minerals added) water experiences and use the word “thermal.”


mentorship reflections

Guiding and Inspiring Spa Leadership for a Well World

Resource by the Global Career Development Initiative

The first of its kind, Mentorship Reflections, is a resource of knowledge for all spa industry professionals providing pearls of wisdom and ideas for improving your business. The Global Mentorship Program is offering this wealth of knowledge complimentary to the industry in the hopes that it will help many more than this initiative is able to impact directly.




guide to hydrothermal spa development standards

What You Need to Know before Building Wet Areas

Resource by the Hydrothermal Initiative

The Guide to Hydrothermal Spa Development Standards was created to provide design and building guidelines for hydrothermal areas (also known as "wet areas") in spas and private residences. Hydrothermal bathing (including saunas, hamams, steam rooms, hydrotherapy pools, etc.), with its benefits of cleansing, detoxifying and improving the immune system, dates back thousands of years and is one of the most ancient spa practices. Sponsored byabsolute-poolsBarr + WrayDesign for LeisureGharieniHilton WorldwideHygroMatikKlafsKemitronLux Elements, Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas, Sommerhuber, Thermarium, Unbescheiden, Werner Doslertechnik.